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Hardwood Flooring Buffing – Do it Yourself

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Hardwood Flooring can add great value to your home. It is one of the most attractive wood types you can have on your floor. It is easy to install and requires little maintenance to keep it looking good year after year. When you think about all that hard work and expense that goes into installing a hardwood floor, you may just want to save some of it to do the hardwood flooring yourself. If you are good with your hands, this can be a very rewarding project.

Hardwood Flooring Buffing – Any old piece of hardwood flooring can be buffed down to give it that nice sheen you see in home improvement stores. It s essentially just a matter of using an inexpensive hard-bristle tool with a flat head screwdriver tip. You will want to get something sturdy to buff your floors with, like a soft bristle sandpaper, a wood floor scraper, or sandpaper. It is much easier to get a smooth finish if the wood is wet. I suggest using water and a mop to clean up any spills.

The first thing to consider when you decide to do the hardwood flooring buffing yourself is what kind of floor you have. Some woods take to varnish better than others do, so varnished hardwood floors may not be the best choice. If you have wooden floors, you may want to try refinishing them, but this can become very expensive. Refinishing wood floors is much less time consuming, but you will end up paying a lot more money for it.

For your first project, you should purchase a quality hardwood flooring buffing tool. If you have hardwood floors, you are in for a treat! Start by removing the finish from your furniture and sweep or vacuum your wood floors. Now you can start to sand your floor, using either a paddle or a dustpan as you go. Do not forget to wear a mask to prevent inhaling dust.

Once you have sanded your wood floors to perfection, you are ready to do some refinishing. Again, wear a mask again. This time you want to use the same hardwood floors sandpaper you used on the refinishing sandpaper. Begin refinishing by brushing the floor with the grain of the wood.

If you find that the wood is not smooth enough to use a polish, you will have to use a liquid polish. If you have never worked with liquid polishes before, you should definitely practice on wooden floors before attempting to use it on your hardwood flooring buffing machine. When the polish gets into the pores of the wood, it is very hard to remove. If you accidentally get the polish on your face, you can cover it up by using hair spray. Make sure you read the directions for the polish before you begin. You will also need to practice this refinishing on a small section of your floor at first before you move on to the entire floor.

If you have never done hardwood flooring buffing before, you may want to rent a machine instead of buying one. Machines are much cheaper and much less time consuming than refinishing your floors by hand. Do not be intimidated if you are completely new to doing this kind of work. The overall job takes only a few hours if you have a quality buffing tool and the right amount of time. Once you learn how to use the machine properly, you will find that you do not have to do hardwood floors any longer.

For the first thing that you will do when you start out hardwood flooring buffing, you will want to set the machine up in your kitchen or bath area. If you have an extremely large room, you may want to set it up in your family or living room so that you can just point and click as you go. It is always a good idea to take along a smaller portable machine like a vacuum. The sandpaper that you are going to use is going to be much thinner than what you would typically use. Start by applying a very thin layer of the sandpaper, and work your way up to a medium thin layer, and then finish off with the final thickest layer of sandpaper that you can find.

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