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Hardwood Flooring Buffing – Do it Yourself

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Hardwood Flooring Buffing isn’t the same as floor sanding. Floor sanding generally is the method of removing only the topmost layer of your wood floor boards to show the underlying solid hardwood underneath. This is typically done with a machine that sands the floor, but can also be done by hand.

However, there are many advantages and disadvantages to doing it yourself. The biggest advantage is cost savings and the assurance that you are truly getting the best value for your hardwood flooring. If you choose to do the work yourself, there are several things you need to be aware of. Here are some tips to help you do it right:

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing: This is one of the most common methods of hardwood flooring buffing, and usually the easiest way to complete this task. You’ll basically be sanding down the wooden floors to get rid of any scrap, fix small blemishes and smooth out the edges. Sanding may not be enough to remove all of the imperfections on your floors, so in order to truly get your floors in top condition you’ll need to refinish them. However, if you are looking for great value with hardwood flooring refinishing then this is definitely the way to go.

Hardwood Flooring Buffing: Often times when people first bring home their beautiful new floor they notice small imperfections in the wood right away. This is because wood expands and contracts depending on the humidity in the air, as well as the way you treat the floors. Even the slightest scratch can become a huge problem as small scratches can turn into deep gouges in just a few months! To fix these issues, you will need to obtain some good hardwood flooring sandpaper and lightly sand your floor until it’s barely noticeable. Then, using an orbital sander you can begin to fill up these gouges until they are no longer there.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing: For people who aren’t used to working with hardwood floors, this might seem like a very difficult task. However, most homeowners can do the refinishing themselves. All it takes is a little bit of patience and a few supplies-a staple gun, wood putty, masking tape, a finish brush, sandpaper, finishing nails and a rubber mallet. Most of these items you probably already have lying around the garage or home. Once you have everything you need you should be able to refinish your hardwood floors yourself in no time.

One of the most difficult parts of refinishing is sanding down a wooden floor that has been heavily scratched. This can take anywhere from several hours to several days depending on how badly the damage has been done. It is important that you use the right kind of sandpaper when sanding, especially if you are using an orbital sander. Some people recommend using mineral oil as a sanding aid, but it’s very messy and may end up causing you to miss more spots than you want to. Using sandpaper that is too soft or rough will end up making the scratches appear lighter than they really are.

The best advice for doing your own hardwood flooring buffing is to start out light and only sand away the tops of your existing nails or planks. You don’t want to mess up anything by attempting to chip out the deep scratches or gouges. You should also make sure you have turned over your boards on at least one occasion during the refinishing process, as this allows the dust to be removed from your boards without affecting the polish of your floors.

When you’re finished, you should have smooth as well as evenly sanded floors! You may find that there are areas where you may need to use a little extra pressure during the sanding. If so, put some sandpaper in those areas instead of water, and work in that area until you get the scratches or gouges in the correct locations. Finish up the sanding with some more fine sandpaper to even out the rest of the room. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll find that doing your own Hardwood Flooring buffing can be a great way to give your wooden floors the look and quality they deserve.

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