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Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

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Do you have hardwood floors? Do you want them to look like new year after year? Do you want to save money by doing it yourself instead of having them installed? You may have even seen how others have saved thousands of dollars by doing it themselves.

A few tools are all that you need for hardwood flooring buffing. Any old piece of wood can be buffed down. It s essentially just a matter of with a hard-bristling tool using a flat head. You will have to own something to buff the wood floors with, like a dry-scrubbing wood floor scraper, a small soft-bristling brush, or sandpaper. These basic supplies should be on your basic supply list.

The next thing you will need is sandpaper, which you should have around the house. The best way to start is to go to your local home improvement store and get a package of sandpaper. Once you have sandpaper you are ready to begin hardwood flooring buffing. Start sanding your floors in small areas at a time until you get the entire floor smooth. Then sweep the sandpaper across the room in one sweeping motion.

Another thing you will need is a power washer. This works like a sand blasting machine. This is the best way to completely get rid of any imperfections. Once you have your floors buffed to a nice shine, use the power washer again in the same area to finish the job. You will then be left with smooth, shiny hardwood flooring.

For the last step of hardwood flooring buffing, you will need a clear polish. If the spot remains, apply the polish over the spot, letting it dry. This will give you a professional finish. Once you are finished, let it dry and the stains will be hard to see once they set.

Some people do not want to refinish hardwood floors. They opt instead for refinishing their floorboards or painting them. However, refinishing your floors is not as easy and affordable as refinishing your paint. Refinishing wood is much more difficult than refinishing plastic. Also, sanding and refinishing wood can be very time consuming.

With proper care, hardwood floors should last for many years. This process can be done by professional flooring companies that specialize in the job done. Although this method may be a bit more expensive, it will definitely be worth the extra cash. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful hardwood flooring you have always dreamed of.

The main difference between sanding and refinishing is that sanding needs to be done on a very slow sandpaper and is usually only recommended if you are doing very small areas. Refinishing on the other hand only needs to be done on a larger piece of sandpaper and is good for any sized job. When you start your sanding job, use a very fine sandpaper so as not to remove too much of the wood underneath. This will help keep the wood from cracking and drying out.

Hardwood Flooring buffing is very important and although it is a DIY project, you still need to follow safety precautions. For starters, wear rubber soles on your shoes so that you do not slip. Also wear non-skid floor mats at all times when working on your wood flooring project. It is also wise to wear goggles to protect your eyes and mouth from any dust particles or other debris that may be floating around. Do not leave the wood flooring projects for longer than necessary. This will lead to an uneven finish.

There are a few ways you can make sure that you are using the right equipment and not damaging the floor. Do not try to use very coarse sandpaper or else you may end up with big splinters. Instead, use medium-grit sandpaper so that you do not scrape the flooring or chip it. Do not sand paper the wood too much because you may end up with scratches or even dents. Instead, use the right equipment and buff the floor to get those dents and scratches out.

When you are doing hardwood floor buffing, always remember to use only light pressure and never force the wood. If you have to drag the furniture across the floors, use a long brush or a dust rag to gently move the furniture instead. It may be tempting to use heavy items but this can damage the floors and end up costing you more money in the end.

Hardwood Flooring refinishing is one DIY project that can easily be completed by all homeowners. You just need to follow the right steps and have the proper equipment. With the right refinishing supplies, you can give your hardwood floors a new lease on life. Refinishing wood floors can be great bonding agents to bring color and life back into dull and lifeless rooms. Refinishing wood floors can also make rooms look bigger, provide protection from damage, and even improve resale value.

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