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How to Buff Hardwood Floors

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If you have really old and dingy hardwood flooring, then it’s definitely time to think about doing some hardwood flooring buffing on it. There are many different reasons why your old hardwood flooring look unattractive. One of these reasons is scratches that have happened over the years. Hardwood flooring can be very delicate and scratching it can seriously damage it, making it necessary to replace it.

Hardwood flooring are generally very beautiful and they make very nice flooring when they’re properly installed. However, the problem with many people today is that they have very old hardwood floors. If you’ve bought your flooring at least fifteen years ago, then chances are that you’ve got lots of scratches on it. These scratches can make any floor look really old. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to find a hardwood flooring buffing machine.

When you mention hardwood floor refinishing, the first thing that comes to mind is something that would take days or even weeks to complete. You could spend hours doing this project. That’s because it involves sanding, applying floor wax and also applying an underlayment. However, there’s a better way to do it and here’s how:

Have you ever noticed that a wooden floor often looks dull even though you’ve refinished it? That’s because these kinds of imperfections are actually present. When you sand a hardwood floor, all the imperfections are eventually removed. But since these imperfections are present, the wood has a tendency to look dull. To avoid this problem, you should use wooden floor polishing products.

Let’s get to it! This is another mistake you should never make. Even if you spend several hours scrubbing and dusting, you still won’t see the best results. This is because you’re using too many products and wiping too much. In order to see results, you should use only a small amount of the product for each square footage.

The best way to polish is by using the “real deal”. You should get some sandpaper. For this, you will need about nine to ten cups of sandpaper. Put this into a container. Make sure the sandpaper is damp and lightly wet. This will help you apply it evenly on your wooden floors.

Now that you’ve got the sandpaper, it’s time to start buffing your wooden floor. Use the same technique as you did with refinishing. Start with the center of the wooden plank and work your way out. This method makes it easy for you to do a DIY project refinishing on a weekend project.

If there are any imperfections in your wood. Buff them out until they are even. Then sandpaper them lightly until they are even. This may take some time depending on the size of the imperfections. Once you’re finished, you’ll find that you have a nice new refinished wooden floor.

If your wooden floor has a few bare wood spots where the nails may have scratched through, buff these out too. Continue with buffing these out until they’re even again. This may take some time depending on how much is left in the nail holes. You don’t want to end up with bare wood with little flecks of finish in it!

To make this method work best for you, it’s recommended that you do one complete “buffing” of each plank in your floor over a period of eight hours. In other words, you’re going to do three complete “buffing” sessions instead of the usual two. Make sure you pay close attention to the stains you have in order to properly apply the new ones. That way you won’t have to redo any of the stains.

After the polishing and the buffing process, let your wooden floor dry overnight. Once you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that your floors are looking great! That’s all there is to buffing and refinishing hardwood floors. The rest is simply maintenance.

As with all woodworking projects, you may want to invest in some quality buffing machine. These work wonders for removing scratches. It will also remove most stains. They’re inexpensive to rent, so you won’t be spending much money on them. And, they do the job just as effectively as if you had hired a professional.

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